Enlightening the Constitutional Debate

Enlightening the Constitutional Debate

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Over the last year, the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the British Academy have held a series of special events, led by the UK’s foremost experts and thinkers, to examine key issues surrounding Scotland’s future. Topics covered include: Scotland and the EU; Borders, Immigration and Citizenship; and Currency, Banking and Financial Services.

Comprehensive reports from each of the events have been brought together in a vital new book, Enlightening the Constitutional Debate.

Each report is unique in offering both highly-informed and non-party-political analyses of the key issues at stake in the independence debate. As National Academies, both organisations recognise their responsibility to ensure that academic expertise and an independent perspective are brought to bear on matters of public concern such as this.

The purpose of the series is not to influence the referendum process in a particular way; the aim is instead to encourage rich and informed debate on this hugely important topic.

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Further information about the events held by the British Academy in this series is available here.

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In 2012, the Society and the Academy convened a conference on Scotland and the United Kingdom to provide a platform for a frank and informed discussion on this topic. The conference, held over two days in Edinburgh and London, was attended by a range of academic and policy experts. The report on the events Scotland and the United Kingdom was published last September and is a record of the views expressed by the speakers and attendees at those events. 

It does not represent an established position of either the BA or the RSE.



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