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RSE Newsletter - ReSourcE - Summer 2014 Issue 43

Highlights in the Summer 2014 (no. 43) edition include: latest on the Enlightening the Constitutional Debate series; final report from Spreading the Benefits of Digital Participation Inquiry; article on interdisciplinary learning in Scottish schools; plus up-to-date information about events, work with young people, research awards, Fellows and the Young Academy.





Science Scotland 15 - Summer 2014 - Marine Science: Making waves

Most of us who live in Scotland find ourselves attracted to the sea, and most of us can reach the coast quite easily. So it is no surprise that the history and culture of Scotland is closely interwoven with maritime development and exploitation of marine resources.

Today, we think in terms of our current requirements for energy (oil and gas, wind, wave and tidal) and food (fisheries and aquaculture), but we are also beginning to recognise that many marine resources are finite and many practices will have to change - including how we harness energy and the source and type of food we eat.

Scotland has great talent and resources in its universities and institutes, and in the government organisations and commercial businesses that concern themselves with the marine environment, and this issue provides an insight into some of the people and technologies that are being deployed to find the answers we urgently need.

Annual Review 2013

In 2012, with the aim of building on our successful contribution in recent years, the Royal Society of Edinburgh launched a new Strategic Framework "Towards a New Enlightenment". The strategy provides a broad framework and a clear direction through which RSE Fellows and staff can deliver activities that contribute to the well-being of people in Scotland.The strategic vision is to generate a New Enlightenment by continuing to build a dynamic and relevant National Academy for Scotland.Our Fellowship has proven its excellence, and will serve as an independent source of inspiration,engagement and expertise in Scotland and beyond.Over the past year we have delivered a wide and varied programme of activities which have supported and contributed to that vision.

The Annual Accounts for the year to 31 March 2013 are also available to view now.

Towards a New Enlightenment. Our Strategic Framework

Strategic Framework

As Scotland’s National Academy of the Sciences, Arts & Humanities and Commerce, the RSE has an important role to play in supporting Scotland’s cultural, economic and social well-being in the 21st century.

Building on our successful contribution in recent years, this Strateg yprovides a broad framework and clear direction within which RSE Fellows and staff will deliver activities which contribute to the well-being of people in Scotland.




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