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Developing Scotland-China relations
NSFC-RSE-CAS: New Paradigms for Future Collaboration in Science and Innovation


This paper reports on a recent visit by the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) to China that explored opportunities for strengthening Scotland–China research collaboration and the commercialisation of research.



RSE Newsletter - ReSourcE - Spring 2015 Issue 46

Highlights in the Spring 2015 (no. 46) edition include: announcement of new Fellows in 2015; visit by NASA Chief Scientist, Dr Ellen Stofan in February; case studies from three Lessells Research Awardees and a Scottish Enterprise Fellow;  comments from the Policy and Advice Unit on the Scottish Government proposals for a Higher Education Governance Bill and concerns about Europe's commitment to science; and details of awards currently available and past and future RSE events.



Science Scotland 16 - Special Issue Autumn 2014 - Chinese version

The RSE is taking a delegation to China in December 2014, comprising senior Fellows of the RSE, leading figures from Scottish academia and business and supported by the Scottish Funding Council. The delegation aims to explore opportunities for the two nations to collaborate on science projects that could support mutual economic growth and innovation. Three of Scotland’s new Innovation Centres will be represented in the delegation: the Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems (CENSIS); Stratified Medicine Scotland (SMS-IC); and the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC). These centres featured in a recent special issue of the RSE publication Science Scotland.

In preparation for the visit, the publication has been translated into Chinese.

Our thanks go the Confucius Institute for Scotland in the University of Edinburgh for the translation work.

Annual Review 2014 - Inspiration, Engagement, Expertise

annual review 2014 cover

In recent years, the work of the Royal Society of Edinburgh has expanded and diversified, and over the last 12 months that work has gathered pace. We group our activities under three main headings: Inspiration, Engagement and Expertise and within the pages that follow, a number of the main accomplishments from the past year are highlighted.

At the time of writing, the historic Referendum on Scottish independence is soon to take place and the RSE has tried to play its part by seeking to enlighten the debate. From the start it was clear to me that the Society’s contribution must be built upon the authority and impartiality that comes from its position as Scotland’s National Academy. It was not, and is not, our place to express a view on the outcome of the Referendum. Rather, drawing from our origins in the Scottish Enlightenment, we have a responsibility to improve the content of the discussion, and to elevate the quality of the discourse. In partnership with the British Academy, we organised a series of events that covered every aspect of the constitutional debate. At the end of the series, we published a book to bring everything together. Free copies were offered to all who asked for them. Within two weeks of publication, we had to order a second print run which was also quickly exhausted.

The Trustees Report & Accounts are also available to view online.

Science Scotland 16 - Special Issue Autumn 2014 - Innovation Centres

Investment coupled with initiative makes innovation possible

The eight new Innovation Centres being established in Scotland are intrinsically innovative in several ways. Not only are they ambitious in terms of the plans to develop new business solutions and stimulate industry progress, but they are also being set up to deliver social benefits as well as economic impact.

The other innovation is that all the new Centres are “industry-led,” bringing university researchers together with business to deliver what industry needs, rather than doing original research then searching for someone to buy it. If there is no existing demand, the Innovation Centres simply will not fund the research.

But the eight new Innovation Centres profiled in this special issue of Science Scotland are a welcome initiative, backed by a significant investment, which will hopefully breathe new life into traditional industries and create new ones – as well as new technologies and business solutions not dreamed of before.




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