International Funding

International Funding

With the support of partner bodies, and its own funds, the RSE provides funding which helps facilitate international links, collaboration and projects.

In addition to its International Awards Programme, the Society initiates and supports a wide range of activities which enhance Scotland's involvement in global collaboration. Read more about the Society's other International Activities.

International Exchange Programme - Bilateral

The Bilateral Programme facilitates the collaboration between researchers from Scotland and those based in institutions with which the RSE has a formal Memorandum of Understanding. Exchange Programme grants are for short-term visits of one to four weeks duration, the key objectives being to enhance the research capabilities of individual researchers, develop international collaborative links, and enable participation in international research programmes. The funding supporting this is provided by the Scottish Government. Next Deadline 30 May 2014.

International Exchange Programme - Open

The Open Programme was launched in 2003 to allow researchers to further collaborations with research groups in countries (non-UK) or institutes not covered by the bilateral programme. Applications are invited for researchers to travel to or from a Scottish research institution. The RSE meets the costs of international travel, accommodation and subsistence. As with the Bilateral Programme, both visitors and overseas hosts should have established contact before submitting an application, either by previous collaboration or by scientific correspondence.  The funding supporting this is provided by the Scottish Government.  The Open Programme is not currently available.

National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Joint Projects

The RSE – NSFC Joint Project scheme is designed to facilitate international collaboration between researchers based in Scotland and China. A grant is provided to researchers to cover travel, subsistence and research expenses. This scheme is available for Scottish-based researchers only, and is not available for researchers based in the rest of the UK. Researchers based outside Scotland may wish to apply to the Royal Society (of London) Joint Project scheme.  The funding supporting this is provided by the Scottish Government. The 2014 deadline has now passed.

Caledonian Research Fund European Visiting Research Fellowships

Supporting research in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in Scotland, CRF European Visiting Research Fellowships aim to establish a two-way flow of scholars between Scotland and Continental Europe.  The funding for these is provided by the RSE Scotland Foundation.

John Moyes Lessells Travel Scholarships

The John Moyes Lessells Travel Scholarships. For honours or higher degree engineering graduates of Scottish Universities to study some aspect of their profession outwith the United Kingdom.

D S MacLagan Travel Grant

The D S Maclagan Travel Grant is for travel and subsistence incurred in field work on terrestrial animal ecology, or for attendance at meetings or conferences at which major results of research on terrestrial animal ecology are being presented  

Grants for RSE Fellows

The following grants are available to RSE Fellows only.  Closing dates for applications are normally the last working days in February, May, August and November.

Research Visitors to Scotland

Grants may be made to assist research visitors to Scotland from other centres in the United Kingdom or abroad to undertake collaborative research work with a Fellow of the Society for a period normally not exceeding one month. 

Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance grants may be made to Fellows of the Society for travel and subsistence, connected with research or scholarship, and are usually given for short visits not exceeding four weeks.

Visiting Lecturers and Furth Visiting Lecturers

Visiting Lecturer and Furth Visiting Lecturer Grants may be made available to individuals of suitable standing from elsewhere in the UK or abroad to assist them to come to Scotland to deliver one or more lectures in Scottish Higher Education Institutions.


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