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Annual Review 2015 - Inspiration, Engagement, Expertise

In recent years, the work of the Royal Society of Edinburgh has expanded and diversified, and over the last 12 months that work has gathered pace. We group our activities under three main headings: Inspiration, Engagement and Expertise and within the pages that follow, a number of the main accomplishments from the past year are highlighted.

The Trustees Report & Accounts are also available to view online.

 RSE Newsletter - ReSourcE - Autumn 2015 Issue 48

Highlights in the Autumn 2015 (no. 48) edition include: RSE comments on Entrepreneurial Education in Scotland and Options for Scotland's Gas Future; interview with Professor Sue Black OBE FRSE; details of recent RSE visit to China; full list of RSE research and innovation awardees in 2015 and news of the Research Awards Reception; plus updates on coming RSE events and the activities of the RSE Young Academy of Scotland.

Research Awards Reception Programme 2015

Science Scotland 17 - Computational Science & Engineering

The revolution wrought by computers hasn’t been and gone – it’s only just started. Our interactions with computers every day, from the railway station ticket machine to the smartphones in our pockets, have made us blasé about their role at the centre of our society and economy. But new generations of computers are opening up the secrets of the Universe, at the same time as offering increasing productivity in business.

This issue of Science Scotland highlights the diversity and quality of computational work going on in Scotland. The different projects are not isolated from each other: the same computer facilities can be accessed from offices or living rooms in different cities, so projects can be run effectively even though the participants are geographically spread. This is a truly connected and joint endeavour.

Download the issue here or visit the Science Scotland website to view this and all previous issues.

Developing Scotland-China relations
NSFC-RSE-CAS: New Paradigms for Future Collaboration in Science and Innovation


This paper reports on a recent visit by the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) to China that explored opportunities for strengthening Scotland–China research collaboration and the commercialisation of research.







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