Startup Science Masterclasses

Startup Science Masterclasses

Twice a year, the RSE and partner universities deliver a series of free science masterclasses across Scotland. At these masterclasses, S1 and S2 students get up to all sorts of scientific mischief and mayhem, dissections and designs: creating things – from bagpipes to perfume; breaking down plant DNA; exploring the bug world around us; learning how to design things – from planes to bridges; and even indulging in a round of chemical cluedo!

Spring 2016 Masterclasses

The Spring masterclasses ran across 4 consecutive Saturdays during May and June 2016 at universities in Glasgow, Aberdeen, St Andrews, Edinburgh, and Dundee. The masterclasses were a great success as some of the feedback shows...

I just wanted to thank you for accepting me into the Science Masterclasses. I have enjoyed it all the way through and I have learnt lots of new things that I never knew before! I would be more than happy to participate in these kind of classes and activities, if there are any in the future. I have really enjoyed my time at Queen Margaret University. - Pupil who attended the masterclasses at Queen Margaret University

A big huge THANK YOU to all involved in organising and delivering the classes. Mia really enjoyed them, was so enthusiastic about each of them that it was a real joy to take her to St.Andrews for these Saturdays! - Parent of Pupil who attended the masterclasses at St Andrews University

Ariane had a great time and enjoyed the masterclasses very much. It is a shame they are only limited to S2s and S3s, it would be great if there could be masterclasses available all through Secondary School! :-) Thank you to the coordinators and volunteers for their hard work at teaching science to our children, very much appreciated! -  Parent of Pupil who attended the masterclasses at University of Aberdeen

Autumn 2016 Masterclasses

Details TBC early Autumn





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